I'm Francesca.

My interest for film making and cinematography was first ignited when I saw the works of famous director and film maker George Lucas. His creative and unique approach influenced me to view film making from a new perspective. His ideas of futuristic robotics and technology inspired me to acquire the drone as my film making tool. Droning has pushed me toward a higher purpose. Once I felt the freedom of analyzing the world from a birds-eye view, I wanted to document all my experiences and adventures.

The versatility of the drone has provided me with the freedom to document a broad scope of interests ranging from an adrenaline fueled surfer inside the barrel of a wave to the graceful glide of a mother dolphin and her calf. As an ocean dweller and advocate, I seek to educate and illustrate the power of God's Creation and the freedom of adventuring into Mother Nature's unknown.

Powerful Imagery to Educate and Inspire

Fran7films can offer high quality images to portray inspiring moments in time. The goal of Fran7Films is to deliver documentations of unique experiences and illustrations of the relationship between humans and nature and Mother Nature in all its glory. God's creation is something our world must cherish and strive toward conserving for the betterment of future generations.

The Process

01. Connect

Want to document a new adventure or need someone to help you advocate for conservation?

Share Your Goal

2. Create

Once your goal has been established, I can help bring your vision to life.

Bring it to life

Surfer & Environmentalist Bryce Raley -Original Content By FRAN7FILMS


Share the content & impact The World


Share the content & impact The World